Is jealousy the worst human emotion?

We all have danced with the green-eyed monster and by that, I do not mean the incredible Hulk.

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Nope, jealousy is an emotion that has ruined many a relationship, because it can fester and grow out of control, compromising your happiness and your ability to think rationally. This is why, for many it is the worst human emotion.

The word is not normally perceived in a positive light though, on occasion, it can be a motivation to do good. Oftentimes jealousy can lead to obsession plus irrational and psychotic behaviour. Think of a guy who is in a club, goes to the bar for a drink and comes back and sees his girl laughing with another guy. He does not stop to assess the situation as the other guy may be a long-time friend or even a family member.

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It could be innocent, casual banter and not a man hitting on his woman and she reciprocating his advances. Instead, he charges in like a bull in a china shop. The other guy ends up with a busted skull and he ends up in jail, all because he allowed jealousy to manipulate his thoughts.

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Now, a little jealousy is not only expected but some experts consider it healthy as in relationship it indicates to your spouse that you are interested and committed to them. Indeed some people secretly get a little thrill out of seeing their partner act up or get competitive over them as it can, in all honesty, be a great ego booster. But when is it funny versus other occasions when it becomes threatening?

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When your partner becomes possessive it is definitely a problem and if they become paranoid you are in trouble. Possessive individuals act in ways that do not seem logical. Case in point: if a man or woman accuses you of being unfaithful while you were out and therefore demands that they search your body for signs of infidelity. Like seriously?  The paranoid ones are just as dangerous, if not more so, as they may not only accuse you of cheating but insist that you are doing it when they are sleeping.

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The main reason jealousy is said to be so unhealthy is because it tends to be explosive. People act first and think later, often regretting what occurred but usually are unable to un-do their actions. It is OK to pet the green monster, just do not feed it until it bursts loose.