Is monogamy outdated?

Monogamy, it’s a word that will either make an individual cheer or cringe.

At a time when relationships have never been more fluid, is it the concept of monogamy utdated.?

It’s a relationship where both parties in the union find emotional and sexual needs met and satisfied by each other. The best example of this is a traditional marriage or common law union.

However, just how satisfied are couples in today’s society given the increasing number of divorces, outside children, social media mix-up, entanglements, ‘situationships’,  side hens, bunnamen and every sordid thing in between?

Television shows such as ‘Sister Wives’ have presented alternatives to monogamy, with one many having multiple partners who share a home.

Is monogamy an ancient concept? Is it outdated and relegated to the last century when people subscribed to living within the parameters of what society told them was moral or good? These are relevant questions in today’s world where cable, social media and other channels of communication carry not only pornography but stories of alternative family units outside of the typical nuclear family of one man, one woman and kids. Indeed, some families now consist of same-sex parents, hence the picture of the family unit that we grew up with in the twentieth century has certainly changed so it is not farfetched that primary relationships themselves will change as well.

Television shows such as ‘Sister Wives’ depict families living communally with one male and multiple wives in one house or compound where there are several homes. There was a time this would shock people but that has not slowed down the rate at which more people are opting to live in this fashion.  There are also arrangements made where another woman is brought into the picture because the wife us unable to conceive. Not only does the wife consent but she also picks the woman for her husband as having someone who she gets along with is important so that there is no tension or bickering in the home. Talk about enlightened living!

Truth be told, monogamy is not for everyone but neither is it outdated. As just the most socially acceptable relationship construct practiced by much of the world’s population, it is the most common and established. Some say it is the natural relationship fit because it harkens back to biblical times. But in the same Bible several men had multiple wives. In fact, one man had to labour an additional seven years doubly hard to get the woman he actually wanted while one had to marry and take on his brother’s widow. How about them apples?

While you may not condone open relationships, it is really not up to you to tell people how best to live their lives. If a man or woman want to have fun or as they say ‘have their cake and eat it too’ that is their prerogative, as long as they inform all the parties involved and avoid the sneaking around. Full disclosure beforehand is imperative.