Is monogamy overrated?

The practice of being with one person at a time, monogamy is said to be a dying habit, one that has been imposed on people due largely to our Judeo-Christian beliefs. Many believe that infidelity would be non-existent if people were being authentic and allowed to live and love without societal restrictions, because as sexual beings, we were not supposed to be with one person and one person only.

This position stems from the perspective that throughout history, mankind has had a huge issue with the concept of monogamy. Men have for centuries kept concubines, mistresses and if they were rich and in certain cultures, had a whole harem to choose from. Indeed, King Henry got greedy and discarded his wife for his mistress.

Many who subscribe to the notion of it being overrated as well as outdated put forward the argument that it breeds boredom, monotony, selfishness and the worst thing ever – the death of your sex drive and interest. Most men have a problem with the notion that when they settle down, having sex with just one woman for the rest of their life is a death sentence.

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Let us be totally honest, sex outside of a monogamous relationship may sound cool but humans have something inside us called emotions that run the gamut from sadness to fear to anxiety and when it comes to relationships, no matter how fleeting, these emotions will come into play. We like to think that we can turn them on and off like a switch but that is wishful thinking.  

The most we can hope for, is that those who want to be polyamorous are honest with the people they meet and say so up front, so that unsuspecting men or women do not enter into relationships and settle into something that is an illusion.

They should find like-minded individuals and not waste the time of people who want more out of life than to be bed hopping every week as eventually during one of those hops, they may fall down and break a limb and there will be no one around to help them while they heal.