Is that Sasha Obama??

So BUZZ Fam, there is a photo circulating online of a skimpily dressed young woman that has a striking resemblance to Sasha Obama.

The image in question shows an unidentified woman looking lazily into the camera, wearing a crop top, bikini bottoms, and a sarong. She has a large tattoo on her ribcage and is wearing plenty of jewelry and long blue nails.

The picture looks like it was taken at a house party, and shows three other people standing behind her. It’s unclear when the photo was taken as neither the woman nor the man behind her is wearing a mask. 

Although the photo is not confirmed to be Sasha Obama, Twitter users were blown over by the resemblance and had questions. And while many used this photo to ridicule the daughter of the first black president of the United States, they were outnumbered by those who came to her defence.

“How about YALL spend YOUR energy on why y’all still dress like old librarians from 2008 and stop policing a black woman that didn’t ask,” a user wrote.

“Y’all bashing Sasha Obama for what…?,” another asked.

Nineteen-year-old Sasha is a sophomore at the University of Michigan and is currently doing online classes from home.