Is that so? Signs your partner is bi-curious

Now, this may be something that makes a few people uncomfortable, but in 2020, I think it is time we stop looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses and call a spade a spade.

While some people have feelings for persons of the same gender, they might never act on it.

There are people out there who have an interest in both genders, and yes, this applies to men, as well as women. Some never act on their feelings, which is why it remains a simple curiosity, but if you are going to be committed to someone, it is probably best that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

For the uninitiated, being bi-curious means a person who identifies as heterosexual but may be attracted to a member of the same sex. The attraction does not lead to action, which is where the curiosity comes in. It is not the same as being bisexual.

Singer Katy Perry caught a lot of flack but also a chart-topper for her 2008 song, I Kissed A Girl. Some mothers were up in arms about the message, which they felt was promoting lesbianism and girl on girl experimenting and were none too pleased with Miss Perry for even highlighting that bi-curiosity exists. 

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Here’s how you can tell…

Well, whether you want to accept that it is a thing or not, you should at least know what the signs are if you feel your partner may be a Curious George …or Jane.

1. They don’t just compliment members of the same sex, they lay it on thick.

2.  They express out loud that they wonder what it is like to date a member of the same gender.

3. They keep saying they have a crush on a particular person.

4. They start liking everything for the person on social media and follow their every action.

5. You have seen them watch gay porn. This is a biggie. 

6. They can list off or explain to you in detail what they find attractive about the person(s).

7.  They enjoy swatting someone on the butt. This may be OK for females, but in Jamaican culture, for males, this is a definite ‘no-no’.

8. When they accidentally see someone of the same sex naked, they do not turn away but, instead, intently stare as if burning the image to memory.

9. They admire or describe a same sex person’s private parts in great detail. 

10. Going out of town with friends, they have no problem sharing a bed with someone of the same sex. In fact, they may volunteer.