Is working from home for you?

Thanks to COVID-19, some of us are still enjoying the luxury of working from home after a few forward-thinking companies decided to extend their work from home policy. Others, on the other hand, were heralded back to work as soon the work from home order was lifted implemented by the Jamaican government was lifted.

While you may be seething with jealousy, take comfort in the fact that working from home is definitely not for everyone. The pros and cons of working remotely should reveal to you if you should be happy to be back in traffic, or jealous of those who are at home, working in their pyjamas.

Pros of working from home

1. Your boss is not breathing over your shoulder so you can breathe and be more relaxed. This should translate into you being more productive.

2. You do not have to get up and dress up. You can roll out of bed and work in whatever you feel like. Think about it: you save a bundle on washing, not to mention not having to iron! 

3. No traffic in the morning. There is no congestion between your bedroom and the living room so all is clear. 

4. There are fewer distractions than in a noisy office environment with ringing phones and chattering co-workers so there is way less stress.

5.  Being home saves you money on transportation, buying lunch, and doing laundry on work clothes.

Cons of working from home

1.  It requires self-discipline. This means that you have to still give it 100% even though no one is watching you.

2. You have to motivate yourself to do as good a job as when you are in an office environment 

3. If you have children, it can be a disaster, especially if you have deadlines or quotas to fill.

4. You can feel isolated and lonely. Some people just work better with others around them. They thrive in that kind of camaraderie space where everyone is pursuing a common goal