Is your cell phone ruining your relationship?

It was Kiprich, who a few years ago sang, ‘telephone ting mash up life’ that chronicled how his girlfriend got into his phone and read his messages causing an emotional firestorm he was unprepared for.

Cellular phones today are easily the number one way that people find out what their partners are up to, as it stores just about everything and if it is an iPhone, even the cloud is incriminating.   

While cheating would be the obvious way that this gadget would impact your relationship, a cell phone can affect you in other ways and impinge on all your relationships if you let it. Indeed its very presence can be a hindrance to any form of bonding.

People make jokes about millennials and the I-generation being glued to their phones but truth be told, persons of all ages act as if they cannot survive without that scrap of technology.

To test this theory do this simple thing: leave your phone at home for the day and go about your business on the road, go to your office, the supermarket and hang out with friends in the evening, all without having to consult, look at your phone or browse through social media. I dare you.

Its very presence can be a hindrance to any form of bonding.

Most people would not last an hour without it. The fact that you have to take your phone to the bathroom is a good indicator of how dependent you are on your phone to keep you connected. But does it really? Our phones make it easier for us to share, like, tweet and send an emoji to express sentiments but ironically we hardly bother to meet face to face to actually talk.

And even if we are physically in each other’s presence, we still forget to have a conversation. Check out how people act at a party. They will be standing side by side, rocking and trying to look cool… and still be on their phones, texting away and ironically sometimes they are texting the person right next to them! So much for having a conversation.

We might think that mobile phone keeps us super connected but one study threw cold water on that theory.

Researcher from the University of Essex discovered that our devices can actually damage our close relationships. According to their findings, simply having a phone nearby without even checking it, can be detrimental to interpersonal connection.

Interacting in a neutral environment, without a cell phone nearby, is said to help foster closeness, connectedness, trust, and perceptions of empathy, all of which are the building-blocks of relationships.

Additionally, due to the variety of social and entertainment options that a mobile phone can offer, they often divert and distract our attention away from being in the moment hence people do not feel our presence as much.

Alas, we have to stay engaged and stay off the phones sometimes.