IShentikal tackles domestic abuse in new song

With many on lockdown due to the coronavirus, conversation of a baby boom and even breakups have been floating around social media. But for women in abusive relationships, the conversation grows gloomier.

Singer IShentikal is imploring men to forgo abusive tendencies, particularly in this period of lockdown, in his song, She Tired of It, which is scheduled for release this week.

“We haffi come with some good meditation and mek di man dem know fi stop beat women.”

— IShentikal

“With all that is happening now, people waan hear good songs, dem waan hear some good meditation inna dem ears, so we haffi come with some good meditation and mek di man dem know fi stop beat women,” IShentikal told BUZZ. “A you and har haffi inna di house right now and unuh cya ignore unuh one another.”

Sensitive topics

The reggae singer is no stranger to tackling sensitive topics, and said the inspiration for She Tired of It came after a series of conversations with different women.

“Me and a lot of females reason, and sometimes di woman dem really nuh do nothing and di man dem lick dem,” he said. “More time mi talk to the man dem and tell dem it nuh mek no sense yuh lick her down. A dat mi see a gwaan, di man dem a beat up di woman dem, and more time the females just need some loving and some changes, but the man nuh up to the standard. I also have 12 sisters, and mi wouldn’t want nobody a beat dem.”

The track is produced by Gemini Management Productions, and IShentikal hopes it will resonate with both women and men.

“Mi want it get a nice rotation cause the message is needed,” he said.

“The songs that are out there now nah really express how the females tired of the abuse so mi feel da song ya a go connect with the females good. Mi want the message reach the man dem too. Mi a try show men seh not because you live with the woman and yuh have whole heap of money, don’t think you control her. You nuh control no female, and no female controls any man. The creator controls us all.”