Island for sale – you won’t believe for how much!

We know most persons work hard to purchase their dream home and usually, it can cost a lot depending on the location.

1 acre island for sale off the coast of southern Belize
Island off the coast of southern Belize for sale. (Source: 7th Heaven Properties/CNBC)

However, have you ever thought about buying your own private Island? According to a recent posting, an island off the coast of Belize is up for sale for a modest US$350,000.

This 1-acre island is up for grabs for US$350,000 (Phot0: 7th Heaven Properties/CNBC)

While some persons might say that is expensive, bear in mind that that this is cheaper than the average price of getting a home in some major US cities such as New York, San Diego, Seattle and Portland. Homes in these areas can go up in the millions and those locations are nothing compared to what we are talking about.

So imagine being the ruler of your own domain and joining a club that includes the likes of Richard Branson as private island homeowners in the Caribbean.  

Side profile photo of Richard Branson
Multi-billionaire Richard Branson is among some of the world’s wealthiest individuals who’ve bought islands for themselves.

There would be no neighbours to contend with and the island is surrounded by pristine waters in all directions all under the beautiful tropical sky.

Pristine waters off the shores of the island (7th Heaven Properties/CNBC)

The only drawback is that the potential buyer would have to put in the necessary infrastructure and buildings. But that would be simple enough to sort out, right?

So are you ready to ditch the hustle and bustle for island comfort? It’s only US$350,000.00 away.