It might be time for your guest to leave… Here are the signs

It has been two weeks since your high school friend flew in to vacation back home. She has been staying with you, and although you love your friend, her stay has been far from blissful. To make it worse, your spouse has been mumbling louder every day that they are about to pull up the welcome mat, as your friend has clearly overstayed her welcome.

A popular TV show judge has a famous saying that fish and guests start to stink after three days. This means that you can tolerate just about anybody for a few days. But after three days or so, they start to wear on your nerves, and you wish them well but want it to be from another location. Some guests are slobs, lazy and loud. If a guest treats your place with less regard than you would your own space, it is time you show them the door.

Here are a few tell-tale signs of when it might be time for your guest to leave.

1.  They keep the room that you gave them in a deplorable condition. It is more than just untidy. It is a complete mess.

2. They want to come and go as they please at all hours of the night. It is your home, not a hotel.

3. They expect to be waited on hands and feet. Sorry, no butler service is available.

4. When you ask for a time frame as to when they are leaving, they cannot give you a date.

5. They take over or start going into parts of your home that, for the most part, have nothing to do with their stay, such as your bedroom, garage, etc.

6. They tell others to ‘come over any time’ without consulting you first.

7. They start making others in the household uncomfortable. This applies to your partner and your children.

8. They begin to tell you what you should do regarding the running of your home. Oh, hell nah!

9. They express that they do not like your pets and wish you would seek alternative accommodations for them.

10. They request certain dishes, luxury items or special grocery products but do not give you a cent to buy it.    

— Written by C.W.

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