It turns out ‘short man’s syndrome’ is real!

Ever wondered if there’s any truth to ‘short man’s syndrome’? We have the definitive answer.

You can sometimes hear them long before you see them. Those people who are always loudly bragging about their achievements, exploits and even conquests. They hold court and are in the middle of heated conversations but many times people gather around them not to hear what they have to say but because of the entertainment value. Yup, chalk it up to that individual having a ‘Napoleon Complex’.

But, what exactly is that and how does one know if it afflicts you? Ooccasionally used in psychology, ‘Napoleon Complex or syndrome’ is said to be a type of inferiority complex associated with short people, particularly men. Also sometimes referred to as ‘short-man syndrome’, people who exhibit this behaviour tend to overcompensate with less than ideal traits. If you fall on the shorter side of life, examine the list below and then examine your own traits and disposition.

Men with Napoleon’s Complex often have a need to be the center of attention.

1. Talking softly, even whispering, is never an option.

2. They claim to love a lively discussion but oftentimes it turns out into argument due to the need to ‘win’.

3. They are usually immaculately attired.

4. They crave attention and will do anything to get it.

5. They say things for shock value and get a kick out of people’s reactions.

6. They repeatedly feel the need to list their qualifications and accomplishments, even among friends who already know them.

7. They do things to appear taller, physically and in the estimation of others.

8. They are dominant and assertive, sometimes to the point of aggression.

9. They have to be in control.

10. They tend to pick fights, both verbal and physical.