It’s not so bad to marry later in life…

Some of you are hopeless romantics who are waiting for your knight in shining armour. Others are just picky and never saw someone they fancied enough to want to jump the broom with.

Flirting with 40

Whatever the reason, here you are, flirting with 40 and finally deciding to make an honest man out of one lucky guy. But there are some things we should examine when we marry later in life.

Little ‘munchkin’

If you both have no kids, be prepared for both sides of the family to be constantly on your case about wanting children sooner rather than later. You are going to hear that there needs to be a little ‘munchkin’ to carry on the bloodline, bare the last name and all that jazz. They may even pre-select baby names and their meanings and have them on standby just in case you need assistance in that area.

If you have an established career as a woman, few people expect that you will change your name, as a name change may leave your clients bewildered. Hence, the logical thing would be to hyphenate your name or if your husband is a liberal-minded individual, you can just carry on with your maiden name, and it is business as usual.

Fewer body issues

A late marriage also comes with fewer body issues generally, as people in their 40s and older aren’t as self-conscious. They are not as concerned about looking perfect and having the ideal body weight like persons in their 20s. Part of it is probably that they are not addicted to social media as much. Hence, while they may do Facebook, it is more of a way of staying in touch with family and friends and not an outlet for filters, Snapchat and getting the sun on their good side. Having cellulite and wrinkles and even a little tummy are not deal-breakers, as they can appreciate the ‘natural’ look in their partner and will embrace the skin that they are in.

Despite the perception that older people are set in their ways and rigid in their thought process, studies have shown that people tend to ‘mellow out’ as they age. Therefore, a later marriage will stand a better chance at survival because parties might not take themselves that seriously, and generally they refuse to live up to the standards and expectations that outsiders may put on them. This basically eliminates a significant amount of drama from their lives and their union. They are just more willing to compromise and can laugh at the little hiccups and curveballs that life will throw their way.

— Written by C.W.

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