‘It’s ok to have faith’: Popcaan shares encouraging words

Popcaan-Dancehall artiste-BUZZ Caribbean
Dancehall artiste Popcaan

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on the mental health of many people. More than four million people have died from the virus worldwide, frontline workers are exhausted, governments are grappling with vaccine hesitancy as the threat of new variants loom, and people just want to return to life before COVID-19.

But as we navigate these uncertain times, dancehall artiste Popcaan is coming through with a word of encouragement. The Bank and God artiste has never hidden his faith from his fans, and on Monday morning, (September 6) used it to lift the spirit of his followers.

“I see pandemic have people questioning God’s powers, yes there’s still a God!!! Yes it’s ok to still pray and give thanks!!! Yes its okay to still have faith and believe in yourself. Yes its ok to trust God!!. He’s still working miracles, don’t make pandemic change your thinking and mind set!! It’s ok to have faith,” Popcaan expressed on his social media platforms.

And his words appeared to have achieved their intended effect.

“Powerful Words From Unruly Boss,” one fan commented.

“That’s true bro,” another said.

“Well said,” someone added.