It’s the comeback of the ‘Flip Hairstyle’

First, it was barrettes and headbands, now its’ the ‘Hair Flip’.

Rap megastar Cari B rocks her flip hairstyle

At this point, it feels like my Instagram is going through the ’60s hairspray era and it’s one style I can’t resist. The ‘flip’ is an iconic hairdo that began in the ’60s as a classy style but took an edgy turn in the ’90s.

Iconic style queen Rihanna adds a little chic with her flip.

The return of the classic style has been approved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Keke Palmer, J.Lo and Kehlani. The twist to this modern style is its high fashion appeal.

The secret to this look is ensuring your hair is super smooth with thicker ends. The style seems to be most liked when it’s in a voluminous bob or a super cute half-up-half-down style.

How to Achieve this Look?

It’s very simple and can work for all hair types, all it takes is two easy steps, that don’t require much energy. First, you’ll need a curling or flat iron, and flicking of the wrist. However, an important tip is not to try and flip the hair all at once but doing it in sections so your hair looks full at the end. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add a deep side bang and some barrettes or a headband to make your look complete.

BUZZ Fam are you feeling this ’60s inspired look?