J$500 workout: Personal trainer offers online training amid coronavirus outbreak

Personal trainer Hugh Lewis massages his client.

The coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely disrupted the lives of people all over the world with changes in the workplace, school and other daily activities. For gym enthusiasts, your workout regime doesn’t have to be put on pause as personal trainer Hugh Lewis is offering online training for as low as J$500 daily.

“I will be there guiding that client through the process of the workout as I would be doing if I was actually there.”

— Hugh Lewis

“One of the key components to fighting the virus is ensuring you have a strong immune system, and exercising has been scientifically proven to help increase one’s immune system and build up their tolerance for certain diseases and infections,” Lewis told BUZZ.

“It is very important, especially in this time, to continue with your workout routines, even if it’s just for five minutes a day. You also want to make sure you’re stocking up on your essential vitamins and minerals and eating proper foods just as if you were going about your regular day-to-day life.”

Hugh has been operating a fitness centre for the past year.

Positive feedback

Lewis is the founder of Beast Fitnezz, which has been operating from Lifestyle Fitness and In Motion Dance and Fitness Centre in Kingston for about a year. Upon the announcement of the first case of the coronavirus in Jamaica last week, Lewis opted to explore an online exercise platform to maintain the goals of his clients and target others.

“The feedback has been positive; people are still kind of sceptic about it and I can’t blame them because a lot of persons prefer that face-to-face kind of interaction versus having a screen between yourself and the trainer,” he said. “I believe online training is something that has been taking off. I’ve been doing my research and the most successful ones I know of are Propane Fitness, Prestige Fitness, as well as Mike Rashid Training.”

Hugh took his business online to ensure that his clients remain fit.

For Lewis’ online training, registration (acquiring relevant details like weight, height, age, fitness goals) is done, before a workout plan is designed. The workout sessions then unfold via social media.

“Whichever video calling or voice calling platform that is more suitable to that client, be it Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook or any other application they know of, I will be there guiding that client through the process of the workout as I would be doing if I was actually there.”

He added that if the client owns gym equipment, that can also dictate the pace and type of training done.

Fitness brand

Long before Lewis was spearheading his own fitness brand, he was doing pull-ups using the grills on his veranda as a child. 

With his camera on the floor, Hugh instructs his clients.

He ventured into track and field while attending Jamaica College and said he truly began to take his affinity for fitness seriously while enrolled at the Missouri Valley College in the United States, where he specialised in sports therapy.

“I studied athletic training which is basically physical therapy for athletes,” he said. “I’ve always believed that a lot of the times when athletes come in with injuries, these injuries can be stopped or prevented if proper work was done in the gym. From that point on I started to look at the different co-relations and merged the knowledge base for regular fitness and wellness coaching, with athletic training or physical therapy, to ensure that my clients have the best of both worlds.”

Interested participants may contact Lewis at beast.fitness993@gmail.com, or 876-818-8339.