Jada Kingdom tells women to walk with protection

Jamaican artiste Jada Kingdom is urging women to walk with protection in light of domestic crimes sweeping the nation in recent years.

Moved by the murder of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson and the disappearance of 22-year-old Jasmine Deen, the Execution singer took to Instagram Live last night.

“Mi a send love light and strength to all a di families dem or people out deh overall weh lose a loved one and especially if dem lose a loved one by rape or one a dem likkle f***ery deh,” she said. “Keep unno head high, mek sure unno a pray and mek sure unno a walk wid protection.”

The entertainer had preached a similar message last year which was received poorly by those who claimed she was promoting violence. But Kingdom said the government can only do so much and that women should learn to defend themselves. The latter coincides with her desire to one day build a self-defence camp in Jamaica for women.

“Don’t run certain joke wid unno life, nuh itch,” she said. “Walk wid a knife… As dem get close enough, yuh see likkle fishy movements, stab dem inna dem neck… Police come, ‘a tek dem did a go tek me weh and dat happen, and wah else officer?’… It’s a f***ed up world we have out deh and when unno a walk wid protection do not keep it far from unno. Mek sure it either inna unno pocket, between unno titty… A fight we a fight fi we life right now and a just it that.”

Her advice is deeply rooted in personal experience. She’s currently based in Atlanta but said she would employ certain safety techniques when she was in Jamaica.

“Mi can show unno two likkle tricks if unno waan. Ice pick inna di pen, my trick dat… Some camouflage weapon… When unno go in a car or taxi, unno need fi check di childlock too… Mi always mek sure seh mi either a siddung behind the driver or close to the driver and mek sure yuh look over the backseat and mek sure nobody nuh deh behind deh neither. A bare inspect mi used to inspect when mi used to tek taxi.”

There’s also the stain of having been raped twice in one month, which she said motivated her to start walking with a knife in high school.

“Mi give thanks everyday seh dem never tek mi f***ing life, dat a di only thing.”

Prevention better than cure

Kingdom also said parents play a critical role in protecting children from predators. She referred to the release of her song Banana, saying parents would send her videos of their children whining to the song which she refused to post.

“Stop f***ing expose the likkle pickney dem so young,” she said. “Some a dem big woman yah fi stop lazy. Go a shop unno self… Yuh know how much pickney run go a shop and nuh come home? My situation years ago, a shop mi a go guh buy half stick a butter and rice. Me’d a never, ever forget dah day deh. Go a shop unno self big woman and big man.”

She also urged parents to dress their children appropriately.

“Stop exploit the likkle pickney dem mek dem a wear some likkle b****rider shorts and feel like seh it cute bro… Kids suppose to dress like kids. Yeah, mi know the big man dem nuh supposed to a look pan dem but we cya stop dem, dem a just dutty, crosses man and a just it dat.  We can only do weh we can do.”