Jamaica Giants: A nature lover’s paradise

The beautiful boardwalk that covers a huge section of the property. (Photos: Claudia Gardner)

A trip to Jamaica Giants in Moreland Hill, Westmoreland, will leave you nothing less than spellbound.

Even if you are not a tree-hugger, you will fall in love Jamaica Giants, as it is nothing short of magnificent. The estate, which is ensconced on the border of Hanover and Westmoreland, dates back to approximately 250 years ago.

Tons of trees can be found on the property.

In colonial days, the property was known as Moreland Pen, and it was home to a cattle farm and a sugar cane plantation. Its transformation began in 1987, and today its focus has shifted to art, environmental conservation and organic agriculture.

It is an amazing tropical rainforest, which is never short of rainfall. It also has hundreds of trees – fruit, ornamental and lumber trees such as cedar and mahogany.

The sculptures are sure to draw one’s attention.

Jamaica Giants overlooks, and outspreads to the renowned Georges Plain. It is an endless closed broadleaf forest, serving as home to birds, insects and other wildlife.

The great house forms one of two art galleries with its upper floor providing a view of sections of the Caribbean Sea, Negril, Orange Hill, Little Bay, Savanna-la-mar, Paradise and the Frome Sugar Factory. A section of the boardwalk that leads to the great house is flanked by two giant silk cottonwood trees that are said to be about 250 years old.

Jamaica Giants has many sculptures, trees and paintings. See gallery below.

The galleries host a plethora of paintings by Jamaican artist Bruce Allen, a St Elizabeth native and Jamaica School of Art graduate, who grew up in March Town in Hanover. The accompanying sculpture garden features carvings by sculptor Fitzroy Russell, who chiselled huge rocks on the property into works of art.

Jamaica Giants is a nature lover’s paradise, and it is perfect for day retreats, yoga, cultural and wellness events, meditation and artist retreats.  

Written by Claudia Gardner