Jamaica Liquor Warehouse – Kingston’s ‘best kept secret’

Lindsay Crescent has always been a quiet side street that mostly saw heavy commute when Kingstonians were trying to avoid traffic during peak hours.

In 2016 a brilliant entrepreneur Nesha Smith seized an opportunity and Jamaica Liquor Warehouse emerged. Not only do they offer a large selection of wines and spirits they also offer a quaint bistro with a diverse menu.

Jamaica Liquor Warehouse is tucked away like an oasis in the heart of the city. (Photo: Instagram—Jamaica Liquor Warehouse)

The location is a virtual oasis in a buzzing area, where one can easily enjoy a good bottle of wine or cocktail while the stress of the day slowly melts away. Even better, it is a perfect spot to grab that bottle of good stuff if you are distressed by the limited selection of other establishments close by.

Opened Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am, shopping is possible up to midnight on a Friday and Saturday. The shop carries an extensive range of spirits, wines, liqueurs and sometimes hard ciders.

Fancy a bottle of wine? (Photo: Instagram—Jamaica Liquor Warehouse)

As a Bistro, Jamaica Liquor Warehouse, hands down has one of the best vegan options for an eatery that doesn’t specialize in vegan food. The Lentil Stew is red lentils slow-cooked in a marinara base finished with coconut milk and brushed with the hint of habanero pepper.

What meat? This vegan-friendly lentil stew with pumpkin rice pilaf is absolutely delicious. (Photo: Attalia Harriman)

It’s served with pumpkin rice pilaf and garlic stir-fried veggies. For those who have no desire of going full-on vegan but want a hearty meat-free meal that tastes amazing, I strongly recommend this dish. However, for those who want something light with a little meat, the salads they serve are fabulous.

Eat your heart out with this Caramel Chocolate Brownie Ice cream sandwich.

For those visiting for the full-on food experience, their daily soup de jour easily lays the perfect base before jumping into the main attractions. Leave space for dessert, as the cinnamon waffles with strawberry filling, vanilla ice cream and a healthy drizzle of hot fudge is an excellent way to end a meal.

Soup Du Jour — Lobster Corn Chowder with Fried Lobster legs. (Photo: Instagram—Jamaica Liquor Warehouse)

Not in the mood for a full-on meal but want tasteful morsels of flavour to go with your drinks? Go wild with anything on the appetizer section. I however strongly recommend the wings either grilled or fried they’re crispy on the outside and juicy and flavourful on the inside.

“Succulent red wine barbecue wings with side salad” (Photo: Instagram—Jamaica Liquor Warehouse)

Don’t be shy in asking for a dipping sauce outside of what’s on the menu. The inside is a bit snug but the outdoor porch seats a rowdy crowd of up to 20 happily.

Although they have been in existent for almost 4 years it can still be considered as Kingston’s best-kept secret.