Jamaica Moves goes virtual to keep population active

As humans across the globe continue to adapt to the changes caused by the spread of COVID-19, including the need to stay at home, it’s become imperative to find creative ways to stay active.

Jamaica Moves staged its first Digital Move It Monday to a great public reception. (Photos: Contributed)

Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to keep up with your favourite workout routines, while practising and promoting social distancing and self-isolation.

The Jamaica Moves campaign is one of the latest health and wellness programmes to stage a virtual workout session while maintaining a positive message that resonated and calmed public anxiety.

The session that was streamed on all their social media platforms, pulled in participants from all over the island, where they could access free streaming of workout videos, fitness programmes and expert tips from trainers.

Persons at home in keeping with the COVID-19 recommendations could still remain active. (Photo: Contributed)

Jamaica Moves Campaign representative, Davida-Mae Chambers, said that the digital workout session has earned its spot in the digital ecosystem.

“The reception was overwhelmingly awesome! We received so many participants and that for sure confirmed for us that the Digital Move It Monday was needed and is worth it for Jamaicans,” she told BUZZ.

Be creative and have fun while working out at home. (Photo: Contributed)

She says participants can expect another staging soon while encouraging fitness enthusiasts to stay connected to the web for routine plans.

“We want persons to continue the #MoveItMonday and #StayAtHome hashtags on social media to see routines that we’ll post. So, they can do them while at home, as well as follow us on YouTube where every week, we will be uploading video routines they can follow,” she said.

“We just have to creatively think of ways we can be happy, be fit, and be healthy at home.”

— Davida-Mae Chambers

She says it is key to retool items that can be transformed into fitness equipment.

“We just have to creatively think of ways we can be happy, be fit, and be healthy at home, such as: utilizing heavy books and filled water bottles to do at home workouts; searching for healthy recipes online with whatever ingredients you have; and staying in touch with your doctor and family,” she said.

It was all about staying active for Digital Move It Monday (Photo: Contributed)

As people across the world continue to seek ways to maintain their exercise and diet regimens during the COVID-19 crisis, Jamaica Moves virtual workouts are opened to everyone.

“We always like to keep our workouts fun and applicable for all – health has no factor. So, children and their parents can join in, the elderly, those who may have to go into the office that day – all can join in,” she shared.