Jamaica Tallawahs & Pepsi bring extra cheer to Genesis Academy

Students and staff at the Genesis Academy were in for a treat on Monday, September 16, when members of the Jamaica Tallawahs and Pepsi-Cola Jamaica paid a special visit to the school.

The visit was not by mere coincidence, however, as the Tallawahs, based at Sabina Park, overlook the academy along South Camp Road in Kingston.

The Jamaica Tallawahs were afforded a tour of the institution before getting a chance to meet and spar with students in a mini-game of cricket. Energies ran high for the whole match with the students receiving goodies and treats from Pepsi afterward.

Project Manager at Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Carla Hollingsworth told BUZZ that the initiative was filled with love as the Tallawahs play at home for the next series of matches in the 2019 Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

Project Manager at Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Carla Hollingsworth smiles as a student from the Genesis Academy sings the Jamaica, I CAN campaign song by heart!! (Photo: James Mitchell)

“We have the Jamaica Tallawahs playing at home for five days, so why not bring them over from Sabina Park to interact with the students here? We wanted to ensure that we give back to our community with our Jamaica, I CAN campaign,” she explained.

“I think more events like this, sensitising the public, are very important. This school is a very special school, many of the students are gifted and are part of the Special Olympics Team,” Hollingsworth told BUZZ.

Interim captain for the Jamaica Tallawahs Chadwick Walton noted that the team’s visit to the Genesis Academy was inspiring.

Team Genesis rocks their colours as the took on the Jamaica Tallawahs at the school on Monday (Photo: James Mitchell)

“Coming here and interacting with these kids; they’re wonderful. I like their energy and I must say kudos to the staff because it can’t be that easy. It was really good for me,” he said.

“I’ve passed this place a lot, but I’ve never been over here. To see Pepsi taking the time out to offer some support to these institutions is a good thing,” Walton told BUZZ.

SIX!!!! A self-proclaimed Tallawah of the Genesis Academy slaps a delivery high out the school (Photo: James Mitchell)

The interim captain made an appeal to more entities from corporate Jamaica to reach out to schools across the island. Walton also called for more students to get involved in sport, regardless of the discipline.

“Personally, it would be nice if more persons in corporate Jamaica could extend a helping hand to not just this institution but others across the island,” he said.

Practise bowling was among the many activities members from the Jamaica Tallawahs used to keep students engaged (Photo: James Mitchell)

“I wouldn’t rule out anyone when it comes to sport. You might find a talented footballer, cricketer, or track athlete, so I would encourage more to get involved in sports. Don’t limit yourselves,” Walton further remarked.