Jamaican actress Ruth Samuels dies in South Florida

Jamaican actress Ruth Samuels died in Florida over the weekend.

Friend and fellow playwright Joy Grandison confirmed the news, noting that Samuels, who migrated to the United States in 2012, died from a heart complication after ailing for some time.

Samuels, who was most known for her “Miss P” character in the Stages Production Bashment Granny, was 64-years-old.

Members of the theatre community described Samuel as a female pioneer who had helped to build and shape the performing arts.

Veteran playwright and producer, Everton Dawkins, said Samuels will be greatly missed, adding she made a significant contribution to theatre arts over 25-year-long career.

“She began her career at the Ward Theatre, moving on to later work with Ralph Holness and became a staple in the roots play genre,” said Dawkins.

Ruth Samuels, left, in one of the many plays she did over her 25-year career.

Grandison who acted alongside Samuels in Holness’ 1988 play Obeah Wedding, said the actress was a hard worker. “She has also done comedy in South Florida too. She is very good at comedy, actually. She used to do standup comedy,” said Grandison.

“Ruth, also worked part time at a restaurant and often participated in theatrical productions on the weekends, at one point she had been writing plays,” he added.

Samuels is most known for her roles in Obeah Wedding, Night NurseUnda Mi Nose, Mama Man and Bashment Granny.