Jamaican Christian show impresses on Apple Podcasts

Transformational speaker Tricia-Anne Morris describes her ‘Smart, Fabulous & Single’ podcast as God’s idea. Reflecting on its genesis, Morris said the Lord told her last September that it’d be her most important undertaking in 2020. Interestingly, a friend had suggested podcasting to her years prior, but Morris was focused on pursuing her doctorate.

Tricia-Anne Morris

“One night in March at my work desk at home something shifted…” Morris told BUZZ. “All of a sudden the Lord just started to download topic ideas, names of guests, the platform to use and everything. I started to do research and the ideas just kept pouring in. And then He said, ‘this is what I meant in 2019. Start now!'”

Ranked number one

The show was launched on August 3, and within three weeks ranked number one in the religion and spirituality category on Apple Podcasts. This was a major feat for Morris, as her podcast outperformed those hosted by celebrity pastors TD Jakes, Steven Furtick, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. It also earned the top spot for all-time bestselling new show in the category.

“The content is real, honest, open, practical, and answers questions we have but may not be bold enough to ask.”

— Morris

Though Christian-based, the ‘Smart, Fabulous & Single’ podcast is geared towards all single women, whom Morris defined as courting, dating or unattached.

“The content is real, honest, open, practical, and answers questions we have but may not be bold enough to ask… Not just (about) relationships or preparing for marriage but also unpacking their spiritual and professional potential, making God-based choices, developing godly habits, and impacting their spheres of influence,” she said. “It also speaks to issues we struggle with for example premarital sex, choosing a partner, dealing with difficult bosses and so on.”

Lots of experience

The 45-year-old speaks from experience, as she was once in an abusive marriage, and said God took her from the situation, healed her, then steered her to her purpose. She wants to help other single women actualise their potential, and incorporates her training from Chicago’s Joseph Business School and knowledge from her former teaching days at Northern Caribbean University and Whole Life College. She also has mentorship experience courtesy of her extensive professional roles, and pairs this with a biblical perspective, guest experts and the input of listeners.

“Too many of us have made bad decisions in terms of how we live our lives and the relationships we have and so on,” she said. “A big thing for me is the fact that God loves us, and He intended for us to be successful and many of us aren’t. We’re just living to survive when He wants us to thrive. The only way to do that is if we better understand His principles and how to apply them, so this podcast does just that – shares His principles in a practical, down-to-earth kind of way, and shows us how to apply them to our everyday lives.”

New episodes of the podcast are released on Mondays to Thursdays. Mondays see women joining Morris in ‘The Chat Room’ to discuss the topic of the week. Men continue the discussion on Tuesday’s ‘Man Talk’. Experts give their take on Wednesdays, and Thursdays offer a recap of the week’s topic. On Fridays, ‘Producer’s Pick’ is aired which sees Morris and her guests analysing a song lyric, movie, scripture or suggested topic from listeners.