Jamaican entertainer Jahmiel gets deep for new track “I need you”

Jahmiel is certain to bring out the tears in a few persons as he speaks about a certain type of unconditional love in his latest track “I need you”.

Dancehall entertainer Jahmiel (Photo: Instagram — Jahmiel)

The track speaks to a love so special it can only be for one woman and it transcends whatever may come in the way of those in love. 

As the line says “everybody needs somebody, but she don’t need just anybody, girl need you” is certain to pull at the heartstrings of those who hear it.

The video for the track also brings forward a very topical message in love through adversity. The couple have to deal with the challenges associated with cancer but even in loss, their love stands strong.

We respect that resolve of love and encourage others who may face similar challenges to let your love shine even in the darkest times.

The track was released on October 11 has racked up over 150,000 views on YouTube at the time of publication.