Jamaican entertainer Queenie to wed next week


It won’t exactly mirror the global fanfare of an actual royal wedding, but Jamaican entertainer Queenie is set to marry her 2020 boo, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, next Saturday.

The Double Tap creator announced the wedding date on Instagram yesterday.

“I am getting married on Dowey birthday, March 20, 2021,” she said. “All mi life mi seh mi waan be a wife, yes. Well, we gonna tie the knot next week.”

Queenie’s fiancé Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett

The news comes two months after she said she was putting off her big day because “I want this beautiful wedding dress. Mi nah go run go married inna one plastic bag.”

She’s clearly had a change of heart.

“Mi seh mi woulda wait pon wedding dress and all the fandangles. If a even one b*ttyrider and one banana leaf, mi a married come Dowey’s birthday next week Saturday.”

She added, “Thanks for all a who support me and for all you don’t support me a still support.”

The couple’s whirlwind romance started last year when she came to Jamaica after Double Tap went viral. The two connected because of a common interest in june plums, and were soon in an intimate fling. Queenie wanted it to remain a one-night stand but said the junior wanted more. By November, they were engaged and flooded social media with the news.

The relationship has reaped criticism because of their age difference, and speculation that her fiancé is only interested in gaining British citizenship. Queenie remains unbothered by the chatter, and says she is enjoying the relationship while it lasts and also intends to take her “june plum love” to the United Kingdom.