Jamaican man’s unique proposal goes viral on Facebook

“Will you marry me?”, asks Dellman Beck as his unique proposal takes American Gretta Moore by surprise (Photo: Facebook @GrettaPhillips)

She came with the expectation to just enjoy the sights and sounds of Jamaica, but American national Gretta Moore got more than she bargained for in August.

Beck (left) and Moore have been dating for two years. He finally popped the question in August! (Photo contributed)

Moore, who was in Savanna-La-Mar with her boyfriend Dellman Beck, was taken aback when he was suddenly accosted by police officers.

In an interview with BUZZ, Moore said initially she was very confused as the police came out of nowhere to ‘arrest’ Donquan, but the Jamaican and his police friends were in on the prank.

#OperationProposal kicks off…

“He said, ‘Can I borrow your phone?’ and I thought he wanted to call his son. When we pulled up, I thought he was going to get some fruits. I didn’t see any police car come up. I heard the sirens go off and the next thing I know was I saw my fiancé’s hands going up in the air and I was like ‘What is going on?’,” Moore, who’s been visiting Jamaica for the last two years, told BUZZ.

“I’m sitting in the car thinking, ‘What in the hell is happening?’. I know he didn’t do anything wrong, we just turned and parked, so what is going on?” she recalled.

The video, which Moore shared on her Facebook profile, has been racking up the views since mid-August.

A visibly distressed Moore told BUZZ that at the height of the ordeal, she couldn’t talk to her fiancé as the police approached her, asked her to exit the vehicle and started questioning her – all to her anguish.

“I was frustrated. I was sweating. I was nervous. He started asking all these questions, did I know this man? And I was like, yes! There was so much going through my mind and I was asking, ‘What did he do wrong?’,” Moore asked herself.

The American, who is from Kentucky, said she’s known Beck for two years and vouched for him on the spot – going as far to put her life on the line, and the officers paused – but Moore was just seconds away from being let in on the joke.

Viral proposal stars Gretta Moore and Dellman Beck (Photo contributed)

“What is going on here? They’re taking him to jail, what am I gonna do? I don’t even know where the police station was,” she told BUZZ.

‘Will you marry me?’

All her doubts washed away when Beck, originally from Kingston, was let out of the vehicle, got down on one knee and started proposing.

“I’m looking around, wondering what to do and next thing I know, there he was proposing to me,” she squealed.

“I wasn’t expecting that! I was relieved, I was shaking so bad, but I was happy. He put the ring on my finger, but I hugged him, and I said, ‘You got me good, but right now, you need to take me somewhere, get me a drink and just calm my nerves.’ I was so surprised,” Moore told BUZZ.

Gotchya! Gretta Moore is all smiles after saying yes to her boyfriend’s unique proposal.(Photo: Facebook @GrettaPhillips)

Moore, now much more at ease, laughed as she remembered the entire ordeal. The American said she is beyond shocked by the reactions on Facebook.

“I’m overjoyed because when I posted [the video], it got 300 views and I was like okay, my people saw it. And the next thing I know, the numbers and the views went crazy and I said, ‘Oh my gosh!’,” Moore explained.

“Tell you the truth, people have inboxed me and said congrats and they wish other guys would do that. Everyone was throwing out love,” she added.

It’s a very different story for Dellman, who’s the happiest man on the planet, according to Moore, after she said yes.

“Oh, he feels like a superstar. He’s so overwhelmed, so happy!” Moore posited.

More from lovebirds Moore and Beck (Photo contributed)

Wedding bells aren’t too far away for the lovebirds, as the pair plan on tying the knot in December.

Hearty congrats from the BUZZ team, Gretta & Donquan!