Jami Spence: Balancing work, entrepreneurship and motherhood

Jami Spence is quite the fashionista.

Jami Spence is what many would say is a triple threat. And, the fashion designer, financial advisor and mother is serious about balancing her life.

“I know in the week, for the most part, it’s financial advisor Jami, and depending on my workload or what I’m working on for YC, I’ll work on it in the evenings and weekends. I plan ahead. Things may pop up that change the plans, but it may mean saying no in order to stick to your original plan and commitment to yourself and your business,” she said.

Jami gets excited when her pieces are worn all over the world.

Passion for fashion

The 34-year-old’s path was seemingly carved out years ago, as Jami’s journey in fashion started while pursuing a degree in economics at the University of the West Indies. After graduating, she was appointed a position at Bank of Jamaica, but her passion for fashion led her to cut ties after two years to follow her chance at entrepreneurship.

“I plan ahead. Things may pop up that change the plans, but it may mean saying no in order to stick to your original plan.”

— Jami

Jami’s clothing line was originally called ‘Yahdie Conscious’, and it was conceptualised while attending university. However, Jami later revamped the brand and changed the name to Love YC.

“We no longer were offering only T-shirts like in my UWI days, but had now expanded into ready-to-wear and accessories original designed by me. For rebranding purposes, I switched it to ‘YC’. It sounded chicer and more sophisticated but still had an edge which was always the vibe behind the brand,” Jami said.  

Havana is Jami’s favourite collection.

Proudest moment

While she admits ‘Havana’ is her favourite collection to date, her proudest moment as a designer is seeing clients strut her pieces across the world.

“Any time I see a client wearing my piece in a country I’ve never been or always wanted to visit… It’s beautiful to see something you created, something that is an extension of you moving through the world,” Spence shared.

For Jami, multitasking is an artform that she is mastering.

And although she has had good experiences, entrepreneurship has birthed some challenges for Jami, especially in manufacturing and operations. Luckily, however, her day job is accommodating.  

But when Jami isn’t designing fashion pieces, she is sharing financial tips with her followers on social media.

“In an effort to really make a change. My sister and I started a personal finance Instagram page and YouTube channel – @changemakers.30 /ChangeMakers,” she said.