Ja’s first ganja ‘hospital’: Doc’s Place and Apollon Formularies

Jamaica’s first medical ganja health facility, Doc’s Place Wellness Centre and Apollon Formularies, many agree, is perfectly sited.

The medical cannabis wellness resort is nestled on the cliffs of West End in Negril, overlooking the Caribbean sea and the Negril beach strip. It is only a few minutes from Orange Hill, the famous Westmoreland community which has the distinction of growing the best cannabis in the world.

The centre is a unique combination facility, with the accommodation side being a six-room inn, for clients from Jamaica and across the world who want to be treated with medical cannabis. With seven well-respected doctors on call, patients are able to be treated onsite and for those who choose to stay at the property, the doctors make the house calls right there.
All doctors are licensed and each person who is treated at Apollon has to get a prescription for their treatment.

The facility, which is regarded as a Global Centre of Excellence for Medical Cannabis Therapy, is directed by medical doctor and cannabis clinician Dr Stephen Barnhill.

“The treatment at the facility includes all of the food because we change your diet to a healthy diet; we change your water; we change a lot of things about your entire body. It’s not just about medical cannabis. It’s about the overall well-being of the patient,” Dr Barnhill said.

Resort amenities include a cannabis wellness massage therapy booth featuring cannabis oil. A saltwater infinity pool and seawater Jacuzzi with water pumped from the sea is also a feature and yoga is also a part of the healing process.

The formularies side of the operation includes a processing facility with US$500,000 worth of pharmaceutical processing equipment. The CBD oil formulated by Apollon is highly rated, having won first place for best oil at the last CANEX. The company also won the High Times Cannabis Cup several years ago for the “Best Indica Strain”.