Jason Jones: Flight to greatness

Jason Jones in the cockpit. (Photos: Courtesy Jason Jones)

Life oftentimes takes us on different paths that lead us to our intended destination. Jason Jones who was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica can certainly identify with this.

The 29-year old pilot, who currently resides in South Florida, told BUZZ about his journey to gaining his wings. Jones, who attended St George’s College before transferring to Ardenne High School, said he’s always dreamt of being a pilot.

“I remember travelling at a young age and I was so fascinated with seeing the pilots. They were like superheroes, noble and respected, as a result, I wanted to be a pilot.” Jason made the decision to pursue his dream when, at the age of 16, when he went on a training flight at the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston.

Jason Jones training during his teenage years.

Jason eventually went on to pursue a degree in Business administration at the University of Technology but his interest would wane. “I was not doing well academically due to my interest in flying,” said Jason. A friend of his recommended flight school and gave him the blueprint to pursue his dreams. As a result, within two months he started his new journey pursuing his Aviation degree at Miami College.

“My journey was not easy. My tertiary education was financed by my parents along with student loans. I don’t want to sound cliché but if it wasn’t for [my parents], I know I wouldn’t have been in this career.”

Jason has expressed his gratitude to his friends and family for helping to make his dream possible. His ultimate goal is to gain quality aviation experience and give back to his homeland.

He now flies for Republic Airways but his dream is to work with Delta Airlines.

Jason is grateful for his accomplishment and is beyond proud. He’s especially elated that his mother recently got to witness him flying. Jason’s journey is a testament to the fact that dedication and persistence will get you to your rightful destination despite detours and delays.