J’can born chef opens restaurant in Canada

Chef Noel Cunningham

Poutine is the quintessential expression of a truly Canadian dish, with its origins dating back to 1950s’ Quebec. But the dish consisting of french fries, cheese curds topped with gravy, has entered 2021 with a new ingredient- oxtail.

It is uncharted waters in the world of food, but Jamaican-Canadian fusion is being catapulted into the mainstream by Jamaican born chef, Noel Cunningham.

Cuisine by Noel opened on January 5, 2021 and offers a culinary experience that fuses two culinary traditions in a way that is different. Cuisine by Noel is already creating a buzz among Torontonians.

Operating out of FreePlay Arcade at 300 College Street, Chef Noel says he is excited about his new venture. He noted that his goal is to create a special culinary experience for his customer base.

“I’m happy to have this space where people can savour my style of cooking and cuisine from back home,” Noel told TasteToronto.

In addition to oxtail poutine, staples on Cuisine by Noel menu include; Island Fried Chicken and Waffles and Peppered Shrimp pasta.

Cunningham is an internationally acclaimed chef, having racked up many accolades and awards in Jamaica, Canada, and the United States. He was the recipient of a Prime Minister’s Youth Award and was voted Best Chef in Winnipeg in 2018