J’can social media influencer Chiney K lands in US publication among entrepreneurs to watch

You’ve probably seen her on Instagram as part of the trio which includes social media influencers Dan Dan (life of a king) and Tanaania, who are known for their vibrant personalities and creative magic.

However, what you probably didn’t know is that outside of the social media limelight, Chiney K is a serious businesswoman with a booming hair care product.

Born Kerry-Ann Collins, but better known by her moniker Chiney K, the Womerian never set out to be a entrepreneur but  a change in hairstyle led her down a path that she never quite expected but fully embraced.

Inspired by her older sister who transitioned to sporting her natural hair in 2015, Collins soon joined the club.

Admittedly, Collins revealed that having natural hair was harder than it looked.

As Collins struggled to maintain the overall health of her hair while making her curls pop, she says a trip to India would change the course of her life forever.

Collins shared that while in India she learned about, what she could only describe as a “fantastic little known oil” and the rest is Joli Faire company history.

It is in the bottling and selling of her Joli Faire hair oil that she fell into entrepreneurship, a path she says requires tenacity and plenty of continuous learning.

While Collins is a full-time business woman the William Patterson University grad says media, particularly film, has always been her passion.

It is why she has found a way to merge her Joli Faire oil with her social media shenanigans.

According to Collins, social media is one of the main outlets she uses to market her product, however it is not just a marketing tool.

Collin shared that in messing around on social media she’s learned a lot about the future of product marketing, which is rooted in relatability.

“People are more inclined to buy a product when they can relate to your brand, it is one of the reasons, I consistently share my hair care regimen, and keep my visibility high on platforms, “ said Collins.

“It is also why brands come to me as a social media influencer, because not only do I have a large following, but I have also achieved tangible results in that my product has been selling. All businesses and execs are looking for social media influencer that can boost their bottom line,” she added.

While Collins says the uncertainty of the pandemic has hampered immediate plans for further expansion in her business, explaining that her operations rely heavily on the global logistics chain, she does intend to add more products to her Joli Faire line.

Joli Faire hair oil is available in the United States, Canada and across the Caribbean.