Jennifer Lopez worried about her sexy Hustlers costumes

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was worried about her sexy costumes for Hustlers

Although the 50-year-old singer and actress wears skimpy outfits when performing on stage, she admitted that the clothes her stripper character wears in the new movie seemed outrageous to her. 

“Those are sexy costumes. This is another level.”

— Jennifer Lopez

She said: “It’s not like me being onstage with a bunch of tights and fishnets on and bodysuits. Those are sexy costumes. This is another level. You’re out there naked.

“You sign on to be an actress and take on a role… once you do it, you kind of settle within yourself like, ‘OK. I’m going to do this in the best way,’ because that’s why I started acting to begin with, was to get into different people’s mindsets and explore life and humanity in different ways and that is exciting to me about doing it. This is something I would never do.”