Jessie cast pays tribute to late Cameron Boyce

Late actor Cameron Boyce

The cast of Jessie has paid tribute to Cameron Boyce during a virtual reunion.

Peyton List thanked the late actor for teaching her “so much” and making her “such a better person”. Skai Jackson admitted she had been “so excited” to meet the star before auditioning for the Disney Channel show.

Boyce died on July 6th last year, aged 20, after he suffered a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy.

Speaking on a joint video call for the ‘Stars in the House YouTube’ series—hosted by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley—Peyton said: “Cameron was just an amazing soul and person … he made me such a better person. He was younger than me and he would teach me something every day. He really is an old soul and he taught me so much.”

Peyton List

Skai added: “I remember a week before I met him, I saw him on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and I was just thinking, ‘This boy is just so talented. He’s just so good.’ Then during the audition for ‘Jessie’, the second time that I went in California, I saw him and I was so excited to meet him and we just got to talking and he just treated me like one of his own just right away.”

Cameron portrayed Luke Ross on the programme, and Peyton and Skai played his sisters Emma and Zuri Ross. Debby Ryan starred as the titular character, Jessie Prescott, and she opened up about how Cameron would comfort her during a tough time when her mother was dealing with breast cancer.

‘I remember one time starting to cry and being like, ‘You are like my younger brother.’

—Debby Ryan
Debby Ryan

She said: “We weren’t really vocal about it, so I would like go to chemo with her after work and then I would come back … sometimes people would be like, ‘Tired, late night?’ like making jokes, whatever and I would just be like kind of fragile but never shared about it. [Cameron] had this sense and was aware, and I remember he would just pursue to come and give me hugs. I remember one time starting to cry and being like, ‘You are like my younger brother.”