Jet-setter! Usain Bolt returns home in style

Usain Bolt told people to stop badmind others for what they have but it may be a little harder for some who saw the superstar athlete return to Jamaica on a private jet this past weekend.

Usain Bolt (center) aboard the private jet that brought him and his friends/team back to Jamaica.

Following his stint abroad, where he shot a commercial in a mining quarry, the four-time World 200m champion jetted back to Jamaica with bestfriend, and manager Nugent Walker, in fine style, as seen on his social media pages.

Bolt made it home just in time to enjoy a cozy evening indoors with his partner, Kasi Bennett, and daughter, Olympia. Bolt shared a video of Bennett with Olympia on the couch, seemingly taking the perfect Snapchat selfie, while he enjoyed some soft boiled crabs and an NFL game.

After a decade at the top of sprinting, and now building out his brand as a business, Bolt is certainly enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will work on being happy for the legendary sprinter and work towards securing our own bags. Thanks for the advice, Bolt!