JMMB: Elevating its clients

Key note speaker, 27 year-old millionaire, Steven Bartlett

If you love someone, then you wish to see them become their best selves. To rise above life’s challenges, and be elevated to the highest standard of living. The Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) group is built on this desire for its clients, that’s why the company started the JMMB Elevate series.

For its second staging, Elevate 2.0, the company pulled out all the stops to produce a rewarding experience for the attendees.

Almost 500 people gathered at the AC Marriott hotel on Saturday with one goal in mind; to be inspired, motivated, and to elevate their lives.

A space to network

A place to network

It was an environment that positioned attendees for growth. Advice was freely given, persons were able to connect, network, and share ideas. One patron told BUZZ that she even found a wedding planner for her wedding. 

Kadesha Dallas-Good, an author, motivational speaker, and educator, was the first speaker at the event.

Kedesha Dallas-Good interacting with a patron after her presentation

She told her enraptured audience that she was able to make her side hustle a success by aligning her passion with her purpose, and by harnessing the power that she has an entrepreneur. 

“The passion is the drive that you have to do anything that you’re doing. The purpose is discovering what it is that you’re supposed to be doing, so that you’re not just living the bear minimum,” she said.

Other workshops throughout the day gave attendees invaluable advice on how to plan for retirement, and budget for the year. 

Attendees were eagerly taking notes

But it was the evening session, which featured motivational speakers, Rochelle Cameron and Steve Bartlett that was the highlight of the conference.  

Cameron came out ‘on fire’. She has been a staple at the event since its first staging, and after her presentation, it was clear why. 

Rochelle Cameron kept her audience engaged

She kept the audience engaged throughout her 45 minutes presentation. Her authenticity, and wit had the audience captivated. Between bouts of laughter from the audience, and even herself, Cameron shared bits of her life experiences, that had persons nodding emphatically, and taking notes.

Using her recent pregnancy as an analogy, Cameron encouraged the audience to give birth to their dreams. But at the same time cautioned them that “dreams can only be birthed when you believe in them” 

The conference was very interactive

She encouraged the audience to make realizing their dream their life’s mission. And to be unapologetically confident in themselves, charging them that “God gave you a certain set of talents, and it was incumbent on you to squeeze the hell out of all of them,” she said.

University drop out, and founder of multi-million dollar company, Social Chain, Steven Bartlett brought the conference to a close.

The atmosphere became somber as Steven took the audience on his journey of being a high school drop, a university drop out, to being cut off by his mother, to his challenges of turning an idea into a multi million dollar business. 

Steven Bartlett’s shared his very inspiring story

To the room full of entrepreneurs he said:

“The only limits you have are those you choose to believe”

Be disruptive

Even as he encouraged them to think outside the box, to be uncoventional and disruptive. 

“When you follow the unconventional, you get unconventional results,” he said. With the audience nodding in agreement.

His company, Social Chain is now based in 7 countries, and he challenged the entrepreneurs to think global.

“The biggest danger isn’t the circumstance, it’s believing the circumstance will forever hold you back,” 

Members of the audience listened keenly to Steven Bartlett’s presentation

In the end, everyone was pleased. With attendees who spoke with BUZZ promising to make this a calendar event.

But Kerry Ann Stimpson, marketing manager at JMMB was the most pleased.

“The reason JMMB exist is to cause people to feel loved, and to realize the greatness that is already within them. We believe that there is greatness in every human being, and so elevate is that start of year event, that helps attendees to see those possibilities. The possibilities in themselves and the possibilities around them,” she said.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the event in the gallery below