Jobs where people think they are always right

They say people of certain temperament and personality traits flock to specific careers which they are suited for, such as empathy to be a nurse or social worker. When it comes to opinionated individuals who feel they have a limitless reservoir of knowledge and that their views are akin to facts, you realise they also tend to occupy certain fields.

Below is a list of occupations replete with workers who tend to think they are right, and cannot be dissuaded of this view. See if you agree:

1. Teacher: They get so used to barking orders at children that sometimes they do the same thing in other situations. 

2. Doctor: So many of them do have a ‘God complex’.

3. Lawyer: Trained in the art of debating, they will argue both sides and try to get you to agree to the one they prefer.

4. Judge: Used to laying down the law, they can carry it over into everyday situations.

5. Police officer: People rarely see the point of arguing with them.

(Photo: Reuters/Benoit Tessier)

6. Entrepreneur: Verse in making million-dollar decisions in a second or two, they have no time to quibble over the small stuff.

7. Politicians: People who have speeches prepared usually do not intend to listen to anyone as generally people come to listen to them.

8. Journalists: They present the facts as it is and leave you to make up your own mind.

9. Mechanics: They tell you what the problem is and you then take it or leave it.

10. Businessmen: Surrounded by ‘yes men’, they do not take kindly to dissenting voices or views.