Jodi Jinx’s sister, Traci, welcomes her first child

Traci Stewart, sister of Jodi Jinx Henriques

Welcome baby Stevie, that’s according to new aunty Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques.

Henriques on Thursday (May 27) took to her Instagram story to share that her sister Traci Stewart had given birth to a baby girl.

Parts of Stewart’s labour,which began nine hours earlier, were captured by Jinx who shared tidbits from the joyous occasion in her Instagram story.

“I am just trying to eat my banana bread and she’s going into labour – you’re very selfish,” giggled Jinx who shared a 15 second video of a surprisingly calm Traci on the phone in the early stages of her labour.

“Open your legs let me see if I can see the head, how we doing? Today’s the day guys it’s happening…alright, need anything? Look pon toes,look pon toes, toes a crinkle. I think we should stop filming now and get to the hospital. Let’s start the YouTube ‘ Hey, guys! Welcome to birthing with Tricky, breathe through it,Tray, ” added Jinx, as sister Traci appeared to be in a bit of discomfort.

Hours later Jinx returned to the gram, to share a clip of herself outside Andrew’s Memorial Hospital, where she poured herself a glass of what appeared to be champagne to celebrate the arrival of her nephew.

Henriques is married to dancehall star Sean Paul; the duo share two kids together, Levi and Remi.