John Cena’s body can’t handle wrestling anymore

John Cena at the World premiere of ‘Bumblebee’ at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood, USA on December 9, 2018.

John Cena has confessed his body “can’t handle” WWE like he used to.

He said that even if he didn’t have acting opportunities he would still be “actively” taking time away from the sport to rest his body.

Speaking in a preview clip for his interview on TODAY, he said: “That’s the great thing about WWE, you can perform in any capacity. And, as long as I’ve made a promise in the in-ring aspect of things, as long as I can keep up with the current product, I can perform…

“My body just can’t handle the schedule anymore … When I turned 40, I really took a look in the mirror and said, ‘Hey, man, I know you really like this, but instead of 250 performances a year, from here on out, just do it 100 times and do it well. And then it became, ‘Just do it 50 times and do it well.’ And now it’s like, ‘Hey, you really have to prepare to get ready to perform and then really recover after a performance.'”

John, 42, had previously confessed he has been thinking about his WWE retirement.