John Crow’s Tavern — Just Right

What could a cause this though? Why would anybody name a tavern John Crow’s? Like seriously. But, just like the majestic bird that flies high with no natural predators, we are happy they are a part of our world.

Opened in 2005 in Ocho Rios it has been a popular spot among visitors and locals alike. Right on Main Street in the St. Ann town, they having been offering the right atmosphere at the right price for more than a decade.

Jerk chicken quesadilla and a cold Corona beer (Photo: Facebook — John Crows Tavern)

Visiting resort town eateries and bars can be daunting as they can be so expensive and sometimes not geared to locals. However, John Crow’s Tavern is just the opposite.

Happy team – great service! (Photo: Facebook — John Crows Tavern)

Opened Sunday to Monday 10:00 am -12:00 am your spot at the bar can be reserved. Offering you a wide range of tavern fare and a fully stocked bar. Friendly bartenders and waiters welcome all covers and will even cater to your music selection and volume if you’re that type of person.

Al fresco dining at the front allows for a group to easily sit together. On your visit though, do yourself a favour and order their loaded fries. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu but just ask your server, they will be too happy to put in your order.

The basic loaded fries are usually French fries, bacon and cheese. But, John Crow’s Tavern stepped it up just a notch. Under the quiet unassuming mound of crispy bacon & cheddar cheese, there lies a hidden cheese sauce taking button mushrooms & green onions along for the ride.

Wait for it to cool a little, you will be transported into a blanket of comfort food that is perfect to suck up all that alcohol you’re having or it may be what the doctor ordered to run the blues of life away. If you, however, are with friends and need a dish that can get everyone involved, go ahead and order.


They offer a classic New York-style thin-crust pizza that features a thick tomato sauce that is vibrant with Italian herbs and good mozzarella cheese, you never appreciate the importance of good mozzarella until you get a super greasy pizza that drips oil as you try to take a bite.

Luckily they have a wide range of toppings for you to add to your own pizza whether you are a vegan or meat lover.

Sports lovers are also welcomed as one of the two wall-mounted televisions is always showing sports and John Crow’s management is open to hosting your crew for a big game, birthdays or group events — just give them a call.

Article written by Attalia Harriman