Jordan Payne’s picture-perfect Polaroid Shop JA

Jordan found a renewed love with polaroid cameras and business creation just last year summer when he was on vacation. Little did he know, he had found a lucrative business platform.

Owner of Polaroid Shop JA displays one his cameras used to create the beloved polaroid pics for his customers.

When he discovered that there was a potential market for the hand-sized instant, cute photos, accessible in either black and white or colour and how the camera functioned, he decided to give the fascinating technology a try since it conflated with his innate love for photography.

A photography service, Polaroid Shop Ja, owned by Jordan Payne, 22, turns the clock on a photo technique from decades past and infuses it with the vibrancy to compete in the current photography ecosystem.

Capture this!

Payne is quite the multi-tasker, being a final-year Engineering student at the University of Technology while managing his business venture along with his academics.

He says the idea emerged while he was off the island and noticed the peculiar product that immediately piqued his interest.

Polaroid photos have now become a big hit.

“I was on vacation in Miami and I saw some people taking some photos with this camera that printed pictures instantly and I went home and I researched it and I found out that it was Polaroids. I researched it further to see if there were any places in Jamaica that sold cameras or stuff like that and I couldn’t find any, so I decided to start the business on that basis,” he recounts with BUZZ.

Pics are available in colour or black and white.

Over the last couple of months, Jordan has seen exponential demand for his products and services across the island where he provides accessories for the camera and provides event coverage services to clients.

“I am not a photographer; I am just passionate about it. Polaroid shop Ja is a company that sells those polaroid photos, films and accessories for the camera. We do event coverage where we have photographers go and take instant photos of moments,” he shared with BUZZ.

It doesn’t hurt that the cameras are oh so cute!

The 22-year-old entrepreneur says he is overwhelmed with the support he has elicited since the establishment of his business and the clients he has managed to garner in such a short space of time.

“It has been getting an immense amount of support. I started with zero followers on the page and I’m now almost at two thousand customers. It’s pretty amazing. I get orders every day,” he said.

Always ready to capture a perfect moment.

Many would question how he does it. A final year engineering student tackling a space that seems time-consuming, but he says it hasn’t affected his performance, instead, it has armed him with skills and knowledge vital to his growth and personal development.

“I have to find the balance in going to class and coming home and responding to customers and do the marketing.”

“It’s been really rough. I won’t lie. It’s hard having to go to classes especially when I have classes across most of the days of the week and I have orders to package and send out to be delivered. I do most of the work myself,” he said.

“So, I have to find the balance in going to class and coming home and responding to customers and do the marketing. My business hasn’t affected my academic performance, in fact, it has improved it because certain techniques that I have learnt while going to school I am able to apply them to my business in a different kind of way,” he added.

As he seeks to become one of the leading photography brands locally, he says there is much more work he has to get done to reach that milestone.

You can learn more about Polaroid Shop Ja by visiting their Instagram page @polaroidshopja for more information.