Journalists are least likely to get laid, study says


BUZZ fam, as a journalist, I will neither agree nor disagree with the findings of this study. 

I’m just going to tell you that I might go into farming soon. 

Apparently, a new study has revealed that out of any other profession, farmers are having the most sex. 

And who are the professionals who are having the least amount of sex? Well… journalists. 

It appears BUZZ Fam, that farmers are having sex at least once per day. Interestingly too, 67 percent of them rated their performance in the bedroom as “incredible,”.

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Meanwhile, journalists are lucky if they get it on once per month- one-fifth said they only had sex once a month.

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Thankfully, journalists are not the only ones who are having bedroom problems, say hello to their friends- the lawyers. Twenty-seven percent of lawyers admitted to faking an orgasm every time they have sex.

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The study was conducted by sex toy manufacturer Lelo.

And according to a sex expert who was trying to explain the findings, it’s because of the long hours that journalists normally work why they have an almost a non-existent sex life.