Julian Marley shares heartfelt message on anniversary of daughter’s passing

Reggae star Julian Marley paid tribute to his daughter yesterday, (June 15) marking the one year anniversary of her passing. 

Reggae artiste Julian Marley

Caveri Marley died on June 15, 2019, at the tender age of 11 after battling Glioma -a type of tumour that occurs in the brain and spinal cord. 

  “Let Jah be praised,” said Marley in a heartfelt post,  as he reflected on the passing of his daughter.

“The unblemished shall enter the kingdom of Zion, clean heart clean thoughts…one of I guiding angels. Caveri Marley” added Marley.

Prior to Caveri’s passing, Marley had in June 2019 reached out to his IG following, asking them to share cures for Glioma.

Later he revealed that his daughter’s diagnosis was the reason for the post.

Several Instagram users, in responding to Marley’s post shared their condolences.

“Sorry bro I know how you feel to lost your angel one, it happened to my little Jahzara I lost her and I still have such sadness in my heart, my Jah gave you strength and strong heart respect, ” said one IG user.

“Blessed love brother, spirits are high in JAH, ” responded Marley. 

Previously Marley had said it was difficult to speak openly about his daughter’s death.