Just do it! Benefits of a bucket list

Travelling is often one of the primary bucket list things for people who want to live their fullest lives.

We list for all sorts of reasons, and a bucket list is one of the most important for one’s own fulfillment. It’s a register of things we wish to do if we had the money, time and resources. It chronicles things you want to achieve, and can comprise hopes for various aspects of your life.

You can make a bucket list for practically anything, from places you wish to visit to series you want to binge and even foods to try.

It’s akin to having personal goals, with the achievement of each being a milestone of sorts.

Making a commitment to watch a series of particular importance to you can also be a bucket list item.

1. Provides a sense of accomplishment after each task is completed /checked off.

2. Motivates you.

3. Facilitate you focussing on what you consider to be priorities.

4. Teaches time management techniques.

5. Sharpens your decision making skills

6. Inspires you to work harder.

7. Offers you peace of mind.

8. Keeps you mentally agile.

9. Enhances your life.

10. Outlines what you really want to achieve out of life