Just how much of a work out is sex?

People are always talking about the need to burn calories so why not multitask and kill two birds with one stone? ‘Sexercise’ is a great option for burning calories and staying in shape but do you really get a full work out from sex or is it just an excuse exert more effort?

Sex isn’t just for fun anymore, it could be a pretty great workout if done right.

Since many inquiring minds want to know we decided to get some basic intel on how best to break a sweat without breaking any bones doing anything strenuous or crazy in bed.

As with anything worth doing, a little stretch beforehand hand never hurts. Remember that it involves working your muscles and not just the requisite organs. So after all of that, you still need to know that it is worth all the effort right? Well, judge for yourself. One recent study found that the average passionate session lasts about 20 to 25 minutes, including foreplay and burns a mere 101 calories in men and about 70 in women. Other than for the pure enjoyment of it, is all that huffing and puffing worth it?

While sex burns calories, taking a jog on a treadmill may be useful if you’re looking for a workout.

What the findings suggests is that you would get more of a workout on a treadmill for 30 minutes at moderate pace run which burns 279 calories in men and a little over 200 calories for the ladies. To add credence to this, further research pointed to how a man can generate roughly 3.5 calories per minute during intercourse which is akin to him walking at a moderate rate. So if love making is a quickie and you ditch foreplay, then the workout portion would seem negligible.

To make the ‘horizontal mambo’ more of a workout, think about ‘staying longer’ or doing some long distance ‘stulling’ in order to increase the time. If that’s not possible, then enjoy the other many benefits of sex such as releasing those serotonin hormones that make you happy and help get a better quality sleep.