Justin Bieber sings about difficult childhood in ‘Lonely’

All that glitters isn’t gold, and Justin Bieber showed this in the music video for his song, Lonely, that highlights the struggles he faced as a child star.

Justin Bieber

Canada-born Bieber was discovered at 13 years old, and by 16, he was a full-fledged teen idol with his hit track Baby from his debut album My World 2.0.

And although Bieber has had many successes in music over the years, he has struggled on a personal level. In addition to run-ins with the law, he has suffered from depression and anxiety. He also recently opened up to his fans, telling them that he suffers from Lyme disease.

Now the 26-year-old is giving fans a deeper look into what he faced as a child star with Lonely that was done with Benny Blanco.

Telling a story

In sharing news of the song’s release on Friday, Bieber made a post on Instagram in which he explained that he had a difficult childhood.

“Lonely is out now with @itsbennyblanco. When he and @finneas showed me this song to be honest it was hard to listen to considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters,” he said.

“I went into the studio and sang through it which wasn’t easy but started to really see the importance of telling this story! It made me realize we all feel lonely at times! Being someone in my position I believe it is powerful to express vulnerability and that’s why I believe this song is so powerful! And @jacobtremblay is so talented. It was emotional to see him play me from the outside looking in.”

The music video shows 14-year-old Jacob Tremblay as a young Bieber, sitting in a dressing room alone. He is then called to an empty stage, but the only person seated in the large auditorium is a present-day Bieber.