Justin Budd pays tribute to John McAfee

Justin Budd, the boyfriend of Jamaican artiste Spice, paid tribute to now deceased tech guru John McAfee.

Taking to his Instagram, the video producer/ photographer shared excerpts of a friendship with the enigmatic millionaire which many persons may not have known about.

The pictures uploaded by the media practitioner indicated a close bond between the two with Budd even uploading a video of himself clay shooting off a boat possibly owned by the tech magnate.

“I didn’t believe this until I got confirmation from those who were closest to him. To the world he was a mysterious man. People had so many different things to say about him but to me he was just Cool as F–k!!! Flew us on a private jet to hang out and buss guns with him. Rest easy sir!!! John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison” he wrote in tribute to the man.

Seventy five year old McAfee was found dead in a cell in a prison in close promise to Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday. It is believed that it may have been as a result of a suicide although investigations continue.

McAfee had been arrested in the country in October and was due to be extradited to the United States where he was expected to face charges stemming from unpaid taxes. 

Despite raking in millions from his popular antivirus software, his life was seemingly filled with other controversies.

In 2012,  he was wanted for questioning by police in the death of his neighbour in Belize.

In 2016, he ran as a presidential candidate in the US on the Libertarian ticket but was not successful.

It’s uncertain how he came to know Budd but based on the tribute it seems that he had an great impact on his life.