Kabreco Designs: from our family to you

Eric and Kaya Coore, owners Kabreco Designs

Husband and wife duo, Eric and Kaya Coore are the creative minds behind Kabreco designs, a wooden products company. Eric designs the pieces and Kaya plants the flowers and styles them.

Pieces from Kabreco Designs

The business has been operational since 2012 and targets mainly corporate gifting and tourists.

Working from their home in Portmore, St Catherine, the couple describes their partnership as dynamic and a merger of both their hobbies.

“I try not to think of it as a hustle, it’s a business. I’m always looking at the bigger picture, and where I want to take it is international,” Eric told BUZZ.

One of Kabreco designs premium products

He admits that he Initially wanted to make bigger furniture, but didn’t have the money, so he settled into a niche and has no regrets.

“The plan is to start getting it into stores, we do mostly online. We’re also on Instagram,” he said.

Although customers can get the designs by themselves, the couple believes pairing it with the plant is ideal.

This piece is designed especially for tourists

“We design it in such a way that we sell the product with the plants,” he said.

Started out with plants and then started expanding in the kitchen with a line of utensils.