Kadesha Porter: Claiming her IG fame and its perks

IG model is a popular term among the online community to describe fashionistas with a notably large presence on Instagram.

Kadesha Porter known on Instagram as @KadziiPorter is one of the names mentioned amongst the bunch in Jamaica. The final year University of Technology (Utech) student rose to her Instagram fame five years ago after she started doing event promotions, bottle services and being a hostess at events.

The term, since its inception, has been given a bad reputation and downplayed because of the perceived minimal work that is required. Pop sensation even went on to make a song stating that “these Instagram models/are nothing but trouble”

Porter, however, has no hard feelings, “I don’t feel any way about being called an Instagram model because that is a part of what I do. However, I’m more than just that.” 

Being an  IG model can create entrepreneurial  opportunities for individuals like Porter who has a big following – over 159,000 – has opened online businesses including selling swimsuits, clothing and most recently crochet braids.

Most IG models seem to live pretty lavish lifestyles – they are usually invited to most popular events, included in PR promotions given their huge fanbase and quite popular on the social scene.

“Persons think that we are not human or we are perfect”

— Kadesha Porter, Instagram Model

Porter, who is completing her degree in Finance, noted that payment received from entities varies in cash or kind.“Payment varies in the form of cash or items,” she noted.

A major con that comes with being an IG model, however, is the constant exposure to cyber bullying. “Persons think that we are not human or we are perfect, so things that may happens to a regular individual may be brushed under the rug but for us they make it a big deal,” the 24-year-old expressed.

She, however, acknowledges the support from her followers on Instagram and the opportunities that come from the platform.

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