Kanye West received 60,000 votes in US elections

Rapper, Kanye West

Sixty-thousand Americans thought rapper Kanye West was fit to be their next president. That’s right BUZZ Fam, when the votes were tallied across the 12 states in which he actually appeared on the ballot, that was the number. No wonder he’s already making plans to run again.

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West failed to receive more than 0.4 per cent of the votes in any state. He received the highest number of votes in Tennessee, where he got 10,188 votes and 0.3 per cent of the total vote. Meanwhile, he attained his highest percentage of the vote, 0.4 per cent, in three states, Idaho (3,631 votes), Utah (4,344 votes), and Oklahoma (5,590 votes).

West voted for himself in Wyoming by writing his name on the ballot. Wyoming is not among the 12 states where he appeared on the ballot.