Kanye West reportedly dating Russian model, Irina Shayk

Kanye West is reportedly dating model Irina Shayk

Kanye West didn’t waste any time now, did he? The rapper is reportedly dating Russian model Irina Shayk before his divorce from Kim Kardashian is even finalized.

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Rumours of the two being together originated on the Instagram-based celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi.

‘Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mama,’ a tipster wrote in.

However, the anonymous figure behind DeuxMoi replied to the tip with: “After further looking into this, I don’t know if “dating” is the right word, but there is perhaps some interest there.”

But according to another tipster, the two are definitely involved. The tipster wrote in to insist that Shayk and West ”Def dating.”

The pairing of these two aren’t all that strange. West and Shayk have been connected for more than a decade.

Back in 2010, the runway maven was a featured player in West’s Heaven-inspired Power music video, where she portrayed an angel.