Kanye West wants to buy another ranch

Already owning a ranch in Wyoming, United States, rapper Kanye West has his sight set on buying another one in the state.

American entertainer Kanye West

It is being reported that Kanye wants to buy the Double Doc Ranch in Cody, Wyoming, after visiting it recently. The ranch is already home to three horses owned by Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

“I know that my husband wants to move to Wyoming, but I love California. Honestly, the sky, the air, everything is different in Wyoming. I love it,” Kim Kardashian West said recently. “It’s a happy place for me and my sisters, we all want to get a ranch there. We just did a cattle drive down there. It’s been amazing.”

“We love Wyoming, it’s always been such an amazing place,” the reality star added. “My husband did just buy a ranch there, and his dream and his vision is to move there. I love LA, so I envision summers, I envision some weekends. But yeah, we love it. It’s, like, the prettiest place you’ve seen in your entire life. Even my sisters, everyone, we’ve had this dream of getting a ranch and just spending our summers there and getting away.”

However, the move will have to wait a while as Kim is currently busy with her law studies in California.